Monday, March 5, 2012

Custom T's

I guess it was around last September or so, one of my workmates and I were talking about Skrillex merch and how it was, well, not too impressive. Logo shirts and some other kindergarten looking doodles on another... that was about it. (at the time any way) So I worked with him on a design and this is what I came up with for his custom shirt to wear to the concert...

Best part about the original design... I painted over the girl in glow in the dark paint, so my drawing was visible even in the dark. It was definitely pretty sweet.

It was met with a pretty nice response; people wanted to know where they could get one. So, I created a silkscreen version to print the basic design out on the tee's and then go back and add my personal touch with shading, splatter, etc. I'd definitely say the most fun part is donning my full-body mechanic suit, taking each shirt out back, and letting out some pent up aggression. ... slicing through the air with brush in hand, splattering the scene in black... it's fun :)

I've got them for sale in my etsy shop. Each one comes signed and numbered by yours truly... The most recent sale was in the UK, which was kind of cool. Also, Germany hee hee. Das is awesome.

And below is the lovely Bianca, a happy customer showing off my work :)
*Photo sent to me, with permission to use, by Bianca.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Mixed Media

This started as a fun experimental sketch and ended up being its own mini painting. The scanner really doesn't do it justice. The colors and textures in real life are really nice. I started with a few strokes of neon craft paint, began drawing in pen on top of that, then added highlights/shadows with acrylics/charcoal for added depth.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Las Animas at 12x12 Show

Finally done! I almost didn't get three pieces done in time, but I worked my butt off and got the final one done in a matter of days haha (my poor sleep schedule is still off from it)... They can be seen at Betz Gallery's upcoming Annual 12x12 Show beginning November 12. Tons of artists and works of art, all 12"x12". Always a great show!
Las Animas I of III:
Las Animas II of III:
Las Animas III of III:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Teaser Pics

Working on a couple pieces for Betz Gallery's upcoming 12x12 Show...

Las Animas Collection

Monday, October 3, 2011

White Linen Night

Definitely been keeping busy so it's been hard to post. I've got a new job, no longer slinging lattes as I had been before... I'm finally getting to do some design work! Pretty much monthly ads and marketing/promotional print work :D And a little freelance logo design hee hee. So, that's kind of where I've been these last few months... Back in August I sold BOTH paintings I submitted for Betz Gallery's exhibition in the White Linen Night in the Heights! That was pretty exciting.
Mixed Media
August 2011

Diamond Eyes

Mixed Media

August 2011

You can see more of my work in Betz Gallery in November's 12 by 12 show. More details & pics to come!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saaay Whaa??

Yeah yeah I know it's been a while. I'm a terrible updater of blogs, blah blah. Any who, looky what I found today, much to my surprise? Some dear person posted MY work at flippin Lady Gaga Magazine... suhhh-weet! I thought it was pretty cool seeing it up there, cause uh, she's only one of the most "in" things right now?? Soo yeah... all the exposure my little pic could've gotten within the last year? *__* I totally sound like a smug jerk, I know, but come on, that's kinda frickin' sweet...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Squirrely Girly!! Yayy!!

Okay, so a while back I mentioned a little project I've been working on...

Well, I'm excited to announce that it is a little shop now up and running! During the last fall/winter, my dear friend Stephanie and I have been getting together for craft sessions and collaborating on some sewing/designing projects (remember that screen printing I told you about?) Our creations were being met with great response, and well, we just enjoy doing it. So, we decided to open up our own little etsy shop... thus, The Squirrely Girly...
(Above is a sampling of some of our creations... Stephanie does the machine sewing and embroidery, and I do the screen printing and whatever handsewing projects there are)
(Above is a sample of fabric I painted... I saved a missmatched pillowcase, deconstructed it, painted, and plan to reuse my "new" fabric for somethinge else!)
Now, I know everyone and their mom/dog/cat/uncle/grandparent has a stinking etsy shop nowadays... but hey, they probably all have facebooks too, and that doesn't stop them from farming it up on farmville or whatever it is you people do on there... So come on dowwwn! Check us out, tell your friends, whatever. We still have LOTS of stuff that we haven't even listed, and believe me... it'll be good ^__^ Plus, I'm thinking there will be some kind of giveaway(s) here, so check it out! And seriously, if you're one of my blog readers, just give me a holla(!) and you know I'll hook you up ;)