Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Squirrely Girly!! Yayy!!

Okay, so a while back I mentioned a little project I've been working on...

Well, I'm excited to announce that it is a little shop now up and running! During the last fall/winter, my dear friend Stephanie and I have been getting together for craft sessions and collaborating on some sewing/designing projects (remember that screen printing I told you about?) Our creations were being met with great response, and well, we just enjoy doing it. So, we decided to open up our own little etsy shop... thus, The Squirrely Girly...
(Above is a sampling of some of our creations... Stephanie does the machine sewing and embroidery, and I do the screen printing and whatever handsewing projects there are)
(Above is a sample of fabric I painted... I saved a missmatched pillowcase, deconstructed it, painted, and plan to reuse my "new" fabric for somethinge else!)
Now, I know everyone and their mom/dog/cat/uncle/grandparent has a stinking etsy shop nowadays... but hey, they probably all have facebooks too, and that doesn't stop them from farming it up on farmville or whatever it is you people do on there... So come on dowwwn! Check us out, tell your friends, whatever. We still have LOTS of stuff that we haven't even listed, and believe me... it'll be good ^__^ Plus, I'm thinking there will be some kind of giveaway(s) here, so check it out! And seriously, if you're one of my blog readers, just give me a holla(!) and you know I'll hook you up ;)


  1. hey. The shop looks pretty Alexie and Stephanie... lol :DDD

    Your header thing on you personal etsy shop is epic. Did you do on the computer with some fancy program?
    (head nod)


  2. I made it in Photoshop. Glad you like! :D We're trying to get more stuff put on there (sooon I hope 'o' )