Saturday, June 6, 2009

More Sketches

I really had no idea that my black and white sketches would get a response like they have. So, here are some more. (I'm just going to post the older stuff first).

Feathered. 2008

Untitled. 2007
Czarina. 2007

Hat in Pink. 2007

Gold Bow. 2007

Gold Moth. 2007


  1. yes i do actually (i pretty much still have everything that's posted on here). why do you ask?

  2. really? well thank you!
    I will have to scan it and edit it a little because it is on a page with lots of other things on it but yeah, I'd be happy to work something out if you would like!
    If you want, email me at
    and we can figure out the specifics :)