Saturday, June 13, 2009

What's new...

Here's a pic of the progress of some things I've been working on. Unfortunately, I wasn't really able to capture the details in this photo.

As it is no surprise, aside from painting, I do a lot of ink sketches- whether just doodling gestural figures or creating finished, stand-alone drawings. Not long ago, I was inspired by illustrator Danny Roberts. One of his featured projects is the "Character Sketchbook," explained in his blog:
"I started the book as a sort of science project, to show people that practice pays off...I drew all the drawings with a pen so that i wouldn't get tempted to erase. Also, to cut down on variables, I decided to pick [only a handfull of] people draw..."

The more I draw, I see my weaknesses, and, rather than just saying, "well, I just can't draw that," I thought maybe I should do the same as Danny Roberts. My objective will be different than his, in that I want to target specific areas to improve in. (example of things I don't like to do: teeth, people in glasses. Profiles are kind of iffy. I haven't drawn very many male figures,etc) Those are just a few things that I personally want to improve on. With that said, here are a few things I've done to get my own "progress portfolio" started. And, to make my journey easier, I killed two metaphorical birds with one metaphorical stone! [can't have PETA on me!] )They are three guys, wearing glasses. BOOYAAAAH!!

#1: Jemaine, from Flight of the Conchords


#2: Stephen Colbert


And, just for kicks, a less realistic, chibi/anime style of

#3: Chuck and Geoffrey


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