Friday, July 3, 2009


I've been playing with 'liquid' acrylics, which are basically a thinner, watery sort of acrylic paint that can be used like watercolors. They also provide some really vibrant colors, and can also be mixed with regular acrylics for a less transparent look.

Untitled. 7/2009

None the Wiser. 6/2009


  1. I love how the this liquid acrylics looks, the colors are bright. I would like to check it out myself. Your painting is looking wonderful for just playing around!

  2. wow wow wow you're incredibly talented!
    this makes me want to pick up my acrylics :)

  3. I suck at taking complements, so i've tried just shutting up and saying 'thank you' and after just doing that, I feel like i'm being insincere, lol. But truly, I mean it, thank you, everyone, for you kind words! ^__^