Thursday, September 24, 2009

Welcom back ME!

Ha ha. So I've been away for a while...
I've been busy with school and work. I've done a lot of sketching in the mean time, just haven't had the time to post anything. Luckily I've had the last two days in a row off and have been strangely inspired to get some stuff done. So, here she is-- (pardon the crappy photo quality)

The final piece actually consists of two canvases, so this is the first half. I'm not really going to do anything else to her, but I will do a little more with the background once the second half is ready to go (that way they tie in with eachother) Any way, I'm excited to get started on part II!

AND I've almost finished another little something I've been working on (yay!) so I'll be posting that one in days to come!


  1. She was even more beautiful in real life.

    I miss you, again.

  2. poor donna with your withdrawals! :(

  3. I think we work on the same schedules or something haha (productive and unproductive), I feel ya when you say "yay!" She is looking good, you did great with the highlights in her hair to the shadows in the face. I've been enjoying her since you added her as your icon.

  4. This is lovely! I think you should just leave the background the way it is- I love when paintings look a little unfinished, that's usually how I leave mine.

    Anyway, great blog =)

  5. thank you!
    I'm actually not really doing anything to the background. It's just going to be blank like it is, I'll probably just fine-tune the coloring a little more, make it a little messier, kind of washed/faded, rather than just a boring solid matte background.
    I'm off to check your work! (if it's on your blog?)thanks again!

  6. Thank you andrea! (just noticed your comment, sorry) glad we share a mutual understanding and/or work ethic. Except... when in a creative lull, who is to blame?? You or Me?? the battle begins... J/K! coincidence i guess :D haha

  7. WoW. I love the composition and the colours and the subject matter, god dam, I just love it all! Well done to you! xo

  8. quite the response! thank you so much Bec! I love your work, so it's really cool to hear such nice things from you ^__^!

    I feel like Cameron:
    "Faris Bueler, 'you're my heeero'" (in nerd voice) lol