Monday, November 30, 2009


Got my collage thrown together about an hour or two before class haha. I ended up taping everything up to a crappy crooked foam board lol. I think it turned out alright, considering everything. I really like the colors, but unfortunately, they kind of photographed yellow. Oh well. Here it is...  (click on the pics to view closer)

The assignment was to make a collage about "me" which I thought was super boring so instead I opted to take artistic licence and make it about what inspires me as an artist. touche! So I did little drawings based on my favorite muses, people who inspire me with their own artistic visions (photographers, musicians, artists, designers), and a few people who have shaped my thinking along the way.

Above I have Colin Meloy (The Decemberists), muses Meghan Collison, Coco Rocha, and Sasha Pivovarova, as well as a drawing inspired by the photography of Lara Jade, and last, a drawing based off an old photo of my grandmother.

And pictured above is Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, DFA and conservative pundit (HAAA) who continues to impart gifts of irony and satire to closet comedians such as myself- as well as the lovely Lily Donaldson as seen in one of my favorite photos. Plus, she kind of looks like Rachel Deschanel in my drawing, which is cool with me too (another muse).

It's quite hard to photograph, so unfortunately you are getting the crappy version of it : (
It's actually kind of like a widescreen/panoramic view. The idea was kind of like people on a stage. Some are in the background, and others, like ol' rabbit ears, actually are hanging off the edge of the stage. And then there's kind of a support collumn running through the center and far left of the stage. I hope to get some scans eventually. Until then...


  1. Came out cool! I love the depth. I recognized Colin right off the bat! Good job! Nice idea and I think it came out great. Immediately made me think of the Crane Wife tour!

  2. thank you :)
    you know, it wasn't until hazards of love came out that i started listening to them. i had seen crane wife in stores and thought the album art was pretty (lol) and didn't hear anything from them until they were on the colbert report with "the wanting." i'm trying to lissten to their older stuff but just can't stop listening to hazards haha. there's a toooon more people i wanted to include but just didn't have time :(

  3. and i have to say- i was actually kind of inspired by a pic of the band standing on the set of some weird theatre scenery. I'll try to post a link:

  4. woow you inspire me:)
    great work your an amazing artist.

  5. You definitely pulled off the collage! After you mentioned the name of people you included into this project, I could totally pick them out. So kudos Alex! How I would that to be a fly on that wall where they are at. Just imagine what kind of convos they would have...

  6. It seems like it would be either a buzz of activity or stoic silence. It looks like they're all just thinking haha. Or like they're wating at a bus stop- I guess that's where the small talk would begin then haha. there i go answering my own questions lol