Tuesday, November 3, 2009


For various reasons, I haven't posted pics of the completed the red dress painting. One of the reasons being that I'm fical. The painting is finished, and hanging in a gallery, but part of me has always had a strong desire to take it down and redo parts of it (that's typical me haha). Originally, I wanted to go with a sophisticated, yet avant-garde sort of look, leaving the background unfinished, with the newsprint.

(this is basically what it would have looked like WITH the unfinished backround, I've just added a lot more detail and refining to the subject)

And, (b/c I don't have any GOOD pictures) here's how it looks with the finished background. I think either way it looks okay, but either way gives it a completely different feel, so I'm not sure what I'm wanting.

Thoughts, anyone? Please post and let me know what you've got to say ^__^ because I don't know haha. I'm always way too anal and overthink things, so sometimes I need an outside source or point of view to help me figure out what I may not be seeing. Any way, love to hear from you guys.


  1. i like the one with the blue background. to me it has an ethereal quality, but yet somehow feels like the night around her has a heavy feel to it at the same time. like, being slightly lost in a woods you arent quite familliar with.

  2. hm. hadn't thought of it like that. sounds cool. thank you, seriously.

  3. It looks like she's judging me, like moths do. They just stare right through your soul and make you feel worthless. You get that "If our respective sizes were reversed I would so squish you" look, and that you feel even worse for implying that sort of motive on an invertebrate.

  4. You def' achieved your avant-garde with the newspaper background. I get feeling from the more painted piece, there is a atmosphere present. Kind of like what Donna had mentioned. And a crisp-ness quality too, if that makes any sense...? I'm really in awe of your detail work with her dress.

    Lovely either way

  5. Thank you guys, both for sharing your perspective with me :)

    ANDREA: Don't worry, I get what you're saying lol and thank you for the complement. :)

    ANDY: Thank you! Your description sums it up best! I knew that look I wanted, but just couldn't put my finger on the words to describe it. I've personally always been partial to moths though. And when I finally met a moth I didn't like, I named it Eunice, and ever since then, I look forward to her yearly migration to my house! lol Seriously, you can ask donna! haha

  6. I loove this paing, wow!
    Come check out the new posts fashionistas! ;)

    @ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

  7. I like the one with the finished background better, although the newspaper touch is really amazing too. With your other pieces do you always feel as though there's more to accomplish? Anyway, looking forward to looking at more of your work!


  8. Jeni--
    honestly, yes! haha.
    I always have an "idea" of what I want, but never a clear image of what it is I want. It's always kind of hazey. So, whatever I achieve in the end isn't always what I imagine (because my imagined ideas aren't even concrete!) I think most of it though is just being so anal. I think too that the feelings just stem from working on a piece for so long, it's hard to see it a whole, rather than each individual part. I can usually better appreciate things after some time has passed, and I can see it for what it is, and not "what it's not"-- crazy tortured artists- never satisfied haha