Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Amaranth" & Updates

January 2010
So, I finally got her done... Not really sure what I think, but either way, it's done, and I'll move on! I got all my submissions dropped off today for the upcoming juried show at 500x Gallery. Super excited to find out if I'll be getting in!! I will know sometime between now and Tuesday... I will let you know! I submitted this one, "Paper Whites," "Fight or Flight," and "`a outrance" (the chick in my blog title picture). Any way, lots of obstacles and money put into this, so I'm hoping it works out haha. C'est la vie... ;)


  1. You better get picked! I can't wait to go to the opening night!

  2. She came out great!!! I adore the pattern and the splash of colour against the warmth is quite striking. Well done.

  3. Amazing! I love the pop of color the feathers bring to the painting. Then her hair, I think you do such a great job with hair. Can you teach me?

    Wish you all the best of luck!!!

  4. SEAN: thank you!! ^__^ Especially with your comment regarding the patterns. My intention mooonths ago was to have a simple, isolated sort of look, but it just never really seemed finished, even though by definition, it was "finished" lol. So I pulled this back out and kind of went Audrey Kawasaki style and tried to do a sort of translucent lacey/floral sort of background and let the natural wood show through. It was more or less experimental, and not what I would consider my norm, so I was feeling a little unsure if it worked here or not. I truly do appreciate your thoughts and comments! :) While our actual style is different, I feel like we do have the same sort of objectives or similar motiffes, etc, if that makes sense. ??? lol

  5. *ANDREA:
    thank you too!! ^__^
    I have nooo skill in teaching unfortunately haha! I wish I could explain what I do in words, but I guess if I had that ability, I'd be an English or math teacher haha! If you have specific questions, I'd be happy to answer them though! :D Something I say often, and will strongly stand by it, is LAYERS. I build up my colors/textures/etc in layers. Sometimes a lot, and sometimes just a little at a time. There's also a sort of intuition that is involved. If you can learn to "see" and essentially understand what you're trying to capture, that is a major aid to the technical/physical work involved in painting. Also, learning, figuring out how color interact with one another, trying out different combos, opacity, etc. Those things are really applicable to any aspect of painting, whether it's capturing little details, or specific features.

  6. Amazing! I like the browns vs. the greens of the peacock feather. You are so amazingly talented! I hope everything goes well for the juried show! *crosses fingers*

    Thanks for all your comments on my blog - you really outdid yourself with like 5 in one day!!;-)
    (I was so inspired by Phi's latest collection I'm actually designing a few pieces with the fanlacing/corsetry thing going on to take with me to Fashion Week in February. Can't wait to show everybody!)

  7. haha, you noticed, hmm? jk yeah i was like "man I hope she doesn't think i'm being a suck up with all these comments!" lol