Friday, May 21, 2010

Houston Art Walk

So, I was hoping to have loads of awesome pictures etc etc, but as it turns out, as soon as I got to Betz Gallery, I was immediately sent to work. I didn't even get to see what else was in the gallery! Sad but funny... Before the art walk even started, a young couple came in shopping for art. So, I got to ring them up. Oh so professional... The gallery was already pretty full, so I was lucky to still have room for my art. I had a little space for my work. To my dismay, the band had to be brought inside due to the rain, and guess where they set up... right in front of my work! So I thought "Great, no one's gonna even walk over there to check it out!" Weeelll....

To my surprise, I actually had a really nice girl talk to me about my work, and a couple minutes later, I had a buyer! So `a outrance now has a new home, no longer giving me attitude from her perch in my room, but now someone else's! haha

So, thank you! The piece just kind of started as an experimental piece, just for fun, but I've had such a nice response from lots of people about it, that I'd like to do a couple more in the same spirit. But for now, I'm still just going to enjoy my leisure time lol.