Monday, May 3, 2010


Hello my pretties... it's been a while... still nothing new to share with you (no time!) Still busy preparing for the Houston Art Walk, trying to get things finished and made, blah blah... A nice person on flickr reminded me of this piece I did a few years ago and I thought, just for kicks, I'd share it with you.

I love Radiohead, and some awesome artist did the above portrait of the band as an illustration for Rolling Stone. Loved it so much, I had to keep it but didn't know what to do with it, so I incorporated it into my own little sketchbook art. Acrylic, ink, decoupage, notes from a friend, stickers, etc... Until next time...


  1. Thom Yorke has a drooping left eyelid. His left eye was completely shut at birth; the doctors said it was irreversably paralized. Yorke's parents took him to an eye specialist, who suggested a muscle graft. He then underwent five eye operations before he was six years old. He has stated that the last surgery was "botched," giving him a drooping eyelid. You can really see it the 'No Surpises' video. Which is also the concluding song for the Ergo Proxy anime series. It's funny how everything connects, but the doctors say that's just s symptom of the schizophrenia.

  2. Yes he does! lol
    I once found this really funny editorial in either Spin or Rolling Stone mag where the whole band was asked to pick a few things they wish they could change about themselves. In turn, after the photo shoot, they were digitally altered according to their wishes, looking superhuman and rediculous (poking fun at all the fake glam magazines) Any who, Thom's was probably the best- he asked for symetrical eyes, a "glowing hollywood complexion", rosey cheeks, perfect smile... Wish I could find it again, it was hillarious

  3. Spin! I remember that. Ray Gun was the coolest though. Would hog the bathroom for hours trying figure out how to read the articles. Good times.

  4. Wow, I learned a lot about Thom Yorke today. I was never much of a investigator to learn about some of my favorite musicians...just lazy really.