Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Screen Printing, Baaaybeee

A certain little birdy told me I needed to update my blog, so here I am :) ... I'm super excited because I am about to take a screenprinting class, in about an hour and a half! I've never done it before, but I've always wanted to, so here goes...
I've always been interested in graphic design and printmaking, so I went back to my roots with the above design and created a more street inspired graphic. Kind of reminscent of Volcom's clothing designs. (Watermark obviously will NOT be a part of the final product, [duh...]). A friend of mine told me that getting started can be challenging, so I wanted to start with a more simple/bold design. Any who, I'm excited to take this class, and more excited to take the advanced class, where we'll get to play with dangerous chemicals and such haha...
This will be another design I'm going to try my hand at, based off this drawing. (Which in turn, was based off a beautiful photo by Aneta Kowalczyk).

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