Monday, January 10, 2011

New Drawing AND some Updates!!

It's been a long time... I've been uber busy, distracted, uninspired, but mostly busy... Personal life has been a little hectic. Creative life, well, a little crazy too. I've been a little unmotivated with my painting for a while now, so I've turned to drawing. Doing illustrations and the like...

This is NOT a recent drawing, I've just been taking forever uploading things! As you can see, she's living in a dilapidated sketchbook, with a few battle scars...
Lola Illustration

[Clicky click thumbnails below for details]

I've been hoping for a scanner, to get better images. (Still waiting)... Another thing I'm waiting on... a graphic tablet... I have really taken to editing/enhancing my illustrations digitally. Sooo many possibilities, soo little mess, hardly annny cleanup haha. But, if I continue to hold off posting my drawings until I get said items, I will NEVER post anything, so my dearies, you will be getting more of my drawings *in the raw* lol... More sketches, more "works in progress" ..."samples" if you like? Because I still have big plans for them, and I will DEFINITELY share the finished works of art when they are done ^__^

Oh yeah... and I mentioned a certain "update"... Ever heard of The Squirrely Girly?? You will...