Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Better Pics of the Colab Project

Special thanks to Donna over at True Until Death for posting these images! I was invited by her artists group to be a part of their collaberation project (check out 1001 journals for info). Here are some of my collaberations with people!
PLEASE click on the images for a closer look!

Lady Ada. 2009. Alex Teale & Andy Kubecka.

Lady Ada/ Part II. Alex Teale

BUNNIES! Alex Teale & Donna Kubecka
Inspired by Elise over at Argyle Whale! LOVE her! x0


  1. ah yes, I you figured out that the incredibly realistic looking bunnies were mine. did you get the story by the way? kinda hard to read when the pics arent side by side. plus things dont always come out exactly like what I have in my head. so i hope it makes sense.

  2. like i said, I'm going to photoshop them all together soon so peeps get the full effect!

  3. You needn't credit me too much for printing out blueprints on tracing paper and taping them over your cameo. It took all the skill of a primary-school art student.

  4. well i think it's pretty! and someone else could have done it and made it like doody, so YOU'RE WELCOME! lol
    Seriously though, I like the concept behind it. Someone else could have come along and drawn her into a field of butterflies and ponies and totally ruined it. You my friend, enhanced it. Doesn't matter how difficult or easy it was to construct- I like it so poo *__*

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