Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight. 2009

Finally this one is done! I'm really happy to be finished with it. As with anything, it turned out different than I was shooting for, but I'm hoping it's just me being anal and you guys will see what I was wanting to convey, haha.

This series was designed to be put together side by side (to tell a whole story) or to stand alone to make their own statements.

Part II: "Flight"

Each part holds both a literal and symbolic meaning. In reality "fight or flight" is a survival mechanism, and marks the moment between living or dying, or what 'stance' one will take with a life changing decision. Likewise, in a human sense, we can either fight to hold back a force, or we can act out agressively ("fight"). Or we can run and never look back ("flight")- we can be escapists.
In many cultures, the crow takes on a negative conotation and can thus be forboding or can be seen as a "survivor," scavenging on what he finds. Carrying a razor blade, he, in a sense, holds or presents the choice of life or death; of escapism and/or destruction.
Part I: "Fight"
The woman, facing towards the wind, is left to choose between "fight"-- (the force of "fighting" against the wind) or "flight"-- (being blown away).
I want this piece to show contrasting/contradicting feelings. One person can look at this and see the hope, the positive choices. Someone else could look at it and see defeat, self injury, etc. As with most of my paintings, I don't want to convey just the happy or sad-- I want the viewer to feel the tension. I want them to feel like they're standing on the edge of their choice and deciding what course they will take. Likewise, this piece bears its own personal meanings for myself, in it's literal and representational devices.


  1. Thanks for the description. I think the two pieces together are amazing and one of my favorites that you have done. I liked what you pointed out about her facing the wind. and i personally see her fighting.

  2. well thank you very much. seriously.
    for those who are closer to me, i think they can understand more of what's going on, which i feel will convey the sensitivities of the subjects, I just hope that people outside of that circle can pick up the same things.

  3. Oh wow, these are amazing!! I definitely think they're amazing together, and go together, I wish I could explain in words what it makes me think, but it's like... speechless. Great Job!

  4. Well thank you :)
    I understand the inability to put thoughts/feelings into words (hence the comment I left on your blog, haha!) I like to hear what other people think when they see my art, etc, but I also wish I could transport them to that same mental place that I find myself in, so that they can feel what I feel. As a photographer, do you ever feel that way too?

  5. wow. amazing blog.
    i love the pics.

  6. I was soo happy when you sent me a email and link with this piece all done up and finished. They look so great together, literally said "Damn, well go Alex!" Fascinated by all the symbols behind it too.

    Now off to talk to some nerds to possibly fix my laptop. :-P Of course I know nerds, I have a very soft spot for them

  7. thank you guys. glad it's being received well. i've got a lot of big ideas for some very heartfelt, emotional work coming up(this one being the first of that particular body of work)so they're all like my fragile little babies lol. They're all going to present or bear some heavy emotions (for me). i know their full meanings and emotions won't be understood or felt by everyone, but I hope they can at least call to other's fellow feeling, etc.
    Kind of like songs- songs and lyrics often have a specific meaning for the writer that we personally might not know or understand, however, we can still take the words to heart, finding things in a song we can relate to or assign our own hidden meanings and emotions to the words we hear.