Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rant and Rave

Another old pic, since I have nothing new to post lol...

Sooo angry!! My stupid Photoshop isn't working, and my iTunes is goooone!! My music!!! noooo!! Completely unnecessary for any of you to know, or care about, but I am angry! And in need of an outlet for my anger... sigh...


  1. oh that sucks dude! I'm sorry! How did that happen? downloading videos?

  2. No, actually, I was trying to purchase music, and every time it kept saying I would have to update my version of iTunes because the songs/videos weren't compatable with the version I had. Soo I went to update iTunes, and it basically UNinstalled the old version, then messed up something when it was trying to install the new version. I've tried trouble shooting it and everything, nothing works! :(

  3. Haha!! Same thing happened to me once upon a time.. Itunes is a joke.. Lovely illustration.. I really like the transparency!