Monday, July 12, 2010

(bulletproof) illustration

So... the last couple of months I have had no drive whatsoever to finish anything. I get half way through a painting then get super bored with it and let it sit on my easel for a couple months until I feel like messing with it again... sad sad... However, I have been doing a lot of sketching in my War-and-Peace-length leather bound sketchbook... lots of writing/sketching combos. Some just doodles, some complete illustrations. It's so completely freeing, because there are no expectations before me, I can take it anywhere, and it's a small surface, so it doesn't take as long to finish things. Plus, because it's a sketchbook, it gives me freedom to do whatever I feel like, regardless of how it turns out. It's really, really nice. So for the next couple of days/weeks, I'm going to be sharing some illustrations from my book.


Had some fun with a Kelly Smith inspired drawing. Pencil and acrylic.

Again, I apologize for the crappy resolution. I have postponed posting these because I have been waiting for a scanner to miraculously appear in my presence, but that has STILL not happened, so, camera photos instead... one day... one day...


  1. Limb by limb and tooth by tooth
    Tearing up inside of me
    Every day every hour
    I wish that I was bullet proof

    Wax me
    Mould me
    Heat the pins and stab them in
    You have turned me into this
    Just wish that it was bullet proof

    So pay the money and take a shot
    Leadfill the hole in me
    I could burst a million bubbles
    All surrogate and bullet proof

    And bullet proof
    And bullet proof
    And bullet proof

  2. yup... that's part of what went through my head. love that song