Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sketch Journaling

Sooo long story short, I've been doing a ton of writing, another hobby/outlet of mine, and it always finds its way into my drawing, so thus, sketch journaling lol. Again, since I have not had the discipline to do painting, I've been doing small scale drawings, and am posting them here for anyone who wants insight into my mind haha.

Minerva. 7/10
I *love* Deftones. Thus, this drawing was done under the influence of the song "Minerva" (bet you wouldn't have guessed that). Any way, that is that...

And next, a piece containing so many random elements that somehow magically came together in some mystical strange and unfortunate way lol. (Oh vagueness... how people cannot understand you...) Without going into details, the juxtaposition of the writing, the calligraphy, and the drawing it all goes hand in hand. I wasn't terribly fond of the girl's sweet, pensive expression, but then I thought about "what if" it isn't some tranquil line of thought she's persuing? Some of us are a little nuts...

risk, caution. 7/2010

And so, if I haven't lost you yet, and you're still reading, I apologize for my blabbery. Business and personal junk aren't supposed to mix, but right now, I can't find the ability to seperate the two. Please put up with me, I promise you I will eventually have something else for you folks haha.

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