Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chicago Drawing

Meant to post this when I got back from Chicago, but never did. Just a little something from my sketchbook I drew on the plane. I used a photo of Kate Moss as reference; I've never drawn her before, and she's got some unusual features, so mehh?? It's a sketchbook drawing I did on a bumpy plane, take it or leave it haha...

It's actually a blue pencil drawing on cream colored paper, but they always just turn out looking yellow. Then, when I try to edit the colors digitally, it makes the actual drawing very grainy.

Excuses, excuses, I know. Seriously, one day I will get a decent scanner instead of having to photograph everything with a shakey camera haha.

Came on a late flight home, and got bored, so I doodled the bottle of YSL perfume Kate was modeling lol... (still lifes, wooo...)


  1. Beautiful! I love how you captured Kate's slightly wall-eyed gaze...haunting.
    And seriously, Alex, NINE comments on my blog in one day??!! Are you crazy girl??!:-) hehehe.
    I only could aspire to be so prolific!

    As to your color problem...have you tried resetting your camera's white balance before taking photos of your drawings? (I'm sure you have...that was just the first thing that sprung to mind tho...sorry if it's stupidly pedestrian.)
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Aw! Well, thank you Carly :D !
    And the nine comments, well, sometimes I get behind on reading all the blogs I follow, so sometimes I catch up on tons of entries in one sitting lol. And sometimes I have lots to say, sometimes I don't haha.

    AND, regarding the color prob, NO I actually haven't checked any of the color balancing stuff on my camera, so it's not a stupid question! I think part of my problem though is just the lighting in my room when I take the pics. If I take them during the day with a little natural light, they turn out better, but these were taken at night, so the lighting is always really weird. But I will look into your suggestion (I don't know anything about my camera's extra settings haha)

  3. you did do an amazing job on the eyes